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For Musicians, Music Creators & Industry Professionals

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Mondays @7.30 - 9.00pm UK time *

(* a few odd sessions are on Tuesdays - including Tuesday 11 January)

How's your gig diary looking?

Are there cancellations and reschedules - again?

Are you a musician or music creator dealing with another round of cancelled or postponed gigs?

Or are you a promoter, programmer, artist manager or agent also dealing with the disappointment of lost bookings?

Just as everyone in the industry was starting to feel the magic of 'live' again - performing and listening to music in shared spaces with audiences - drinks and chat at the bar after the show - cooking up new ideas for future projects...


I've reignited my series of drop-in online sessions offering a space to do what we all love. Come and meet, appreciate and talk about music together and be each other’s listening audience.

Join the weekly Inspiration Jam for Musicians & Music Creators

The Inspiration Jam is an online space for musicians and music creators working in any area or genre to:

  • Meet each other and feel connected to the music

  • Share old, new or in-progress tracks with listeners you can trust

  • Receive a gift of positive feedback on your sounds from peer musicians and other professionals in the industry

  • Feel inspired and supported in your creative work and the amazing impact your music has on listeners-

  • Leave with a boost of motivation so that you can stay inspired in your creative work for 2022

Who are the sessions for?

The Inspiration Jam welcomes musicians and music creators whether you are starting off or a seasoned professional - anyone who performs with or creates for an instrument, voice or electronics, solo, in a band, DJ, producer, composer, conductor, director, song-writer, sampler, improviser...really there are no limits.

Industry professionals are also welcome audience members - come and enjoy the session.

What to expect in an Inspiration Jam

It’s online for 90 minutes via Zoom, so no need to pack up your gear and travel (even though that would be nice).

Musicians can bring a link from a digital platform (e.g. Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube) to one track or video of their work - it could be something recorded a while ago, something new or even a work in-progress. Or if you are confident in your tech set up you can play something live over Zoom,

During the session everyone listens to one track at a time together with their best ears, and offers the composer/performer/producer in-question positive feedback, helped with some guidance and things to think about which are given in advance. There’s time for 3 or 4 musicians to share their music and for everyone to have space to meet, chat and swap contacts if they want to.

It’s fun, relaxing and everyone should leave feeling inspired and motivated by what they do and create. Afterwards, anyone can join the Inspiration Jam Facebook group to continue connecting with other musicians and guests who’ve been in the Jam.

But what if…

I don’t have a recorded track or video ready to share? Tracks in-progress are welcome OR you are welcome to join as a listener - your support will be of brilliant value to other musicians and you still get the benefit of meeting other creative artists.

I don’t feel confident to share my music in this way? Tamsin facilitates this session to be all about the positive. Everyone takes away constructive, helpful and inspirational feedback.

I’m a music industry professional and not a music creator? You are more than welcome to join in. Musicians appreciate candid and supportive feedback from the industry in these sessions. Don’t worry, it’s not a place for musicians to pitch, but you might just hear something that is perfect for your next programme or project…

I’m not sure the tech will work. International guests have attended the Inspiration Jam sharing tracks and live performances- no problem!

What musicians say about the Inspiration Jam

‘Really positive connections and sense of possibility (important now more than ever) plus exposure to brilliant music!’ (Asha Parkinson, saxophonist and composer)

'It's a beautiful and safe space to share your work, reflect on music and meet other musicians.' (Uran Apak, interdisciplinary artist )

‘Really great to have such accomplished musicians listening to diverse music together - it was really an exceptional 90 minutes’ (John Sparks, Producer)

‘Wasn't sure what to expect or if I could contribute...I have *really* enjoyed hearing new music, and being asked the three questions.’ (Simon Glinn, Music and Arts Consultant)

‘Hearing what is actually going on in a listeners brain to each piece of music - something you don't get to know most of the time as a performer’ (Sophie Bancroft, vocalist and composer)

Are you ready?

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*Usually Mondays apart from certain dates - do check!