Deep Dive Music Inspiration Jam for Musicians


Deep Dive Music: Weekly Summer Inspiration Jam for Musicians


MONDAY 7.30 - 9.00PM UK TIME

Calling all Musicians!

How have the last 16 months been for you?

We know it’s been a really tough time for musicians.

Have you been missing the electric atmosphere of a live gig, the clink of the glasses in the bar, the banter, the laughter, the new ideas?

Are you looking for new ways to keep up your motivation with new projects and opportunities, or progressing things that were going really well before the pandemic disrupted your flow?

Some artists have found a way to use the time to get cracking on new projects, or even find new opportunities online.

BUT even so, many of you are feeling a bit lost and demotivated.

Perhaps you know you could use this time to be creative and build profile but are not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve just been putting it all off?

Are you ready?

  • As the music industry tentatively begins to open up, this is a great time to:

  • Stay fired up and motivated - the world truly needs you and your music

  • Be ready to talk about the creative projects you want to move forwards in order to find support and resources

  • Keep growing your connections with other musicians, your fans and those all-important industry contacts

Join Deep Dive Music: Summer Inspiration Jam for Musicians

This live Zoom workshop will offer you a safe and supportive space to:

  • Share your sounds with other music creators

  • Explore different ways of describing your music

  • Receive positive and motivational feedback from your peers

  • Connect with other artists who could be your future champions, collaborators, listening ears...or more

Designed specifically for musicians* - all styles and genres welcome

You don’t need be signed to a label or even be a fully professional musician. Whether you are an emerging or established artist, you just need an open mind, a love for music and a passion to build your creative career.

In this workshop you will need to have a piece of recorded music that you've created to share with a group of musicians at the jam . A rough recording of a work in progress is fine too.

Don't have a recording? No problem, bring along something that represents the kind of music you dream to create, or you can play something live from your space - but this may not translate too well over Zoom.

Enjoy sharing your creative spark with other artists and receiving a glow of positive support in return.

*Musicians includes anyone who performs with an Instrument, Voice or Electronics, Solo, In a Band, DJ, Producer, Composer, Conductor, Director, Song-writer, Sampler, Improviser...really there are no limits!

How many people can come?

There needs to be a minimum of 3 people with music to share, so invite other musicians along to the jam each week. There's time to share a total of 4 tracks.

There's no limit on musician 'audience' numbers so even if you don't have anything ready to share this time, come and listen, offer your support and motivation.

Be part of an online community of musicians contributing feedback to each other, making the Summer Inspiration Jam a place to share any piece of music including new work in-progress, find out what people love about your sounds and discover more about the impact your music has on your listeners.

Here's what other musicians have said about the Summer Inspiration Jam

'It was an invaluable opportunity to meet with other musicians I wouldn't otherwise meet and get honest feedback and encouragement from them as well as Tamsin's perspective from her knowledge of promotion and creating an audience for our was great to get the experience of presenting my work to people with a real interest in it, and do the same for others'

Rowan Porteus, composer, trumpet player and producer


'The positive feedback approach was a good way for us to gain insight into how our work might be received by new made me think more deeply about how we communicate to others about our music'

Mark Trounson, double bass player, composer and educator

About your mentor Tamsin Mendelsohn - inspirational music mentoring and creative producing

I have over 20 years experience and connections in the UK music industry including roles at Arts Council England and Creative Scotland supporting artists and cultural organisations to develop their strategies and achieve funding. As of July 2021, I have currently taken up a new position at the brilliant charity Help Musicians developing a musicians' mentoring network (more news on that soon).

As an industry professional, I’ve also been invited onto selection panels for PRS Foundation and Help Musicians. Most recently I’m super proud of producing the three-year Jazz South Ambition for Excellence programme with my highlights including music commissioning and talent development projects.

Inspired by working with musicians at any career stage, whether emerging, semi-professional or fully professional across music genres, I’ve launched Deep Dive Music because I love supporting artists to believe in their projects and find a route forward in their music careers.

Other Testimonials

'Tamsin cares about nurturing the artistic centre of young musicians such as myself and is always sharing opportunities and suggestions for advancing projects. She has a great deal of expertise and knowledge of the industry alongside a passion for the art itself.'

Asha Parkinson, saxophonist and composer


'Tamsin has played a key role for me at crucial moments, firstly by guiding me through appropriate funding streams at the start of the pandemic, as well as contributing hugely to the launch of a new musical project with Nick Walters during her time at Jazz South.

I cannot recommend her highly enough as a mentor - her vast experience means that she is able to play a supportive role in all aspects of the music industry. Thanks Tamsin!'

Rebecca Nash, pianist composer, arranger, educators and collaborator


Tamsin was wonderful to work with on various Jazz South Projects, it's so nice to work alongside someone who has such a passion for the music and, above all, someone who has great care and empathy for the artists she works with.

Tim Hand, Tim Hand Productions

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