Asha Parkinson, saxophonist and composer

Tamsin oversaw the Jazz South Breakthrough Commissions scheme that I was fortunate enough to be selected for. Throughout the commission process, she was incredibly resourceful and grounding. Any problems that came up in organising such a large group of musicians, she was immediately on hand and supportive. She cares about nurturing the artistic centre of young musicians such as myself and is always sharing opportunities and suggestions for advancing projects. She has a great deal of expertise and knowledge of the industry alongside a passion for the art itself.


Andrew Neil Hayes, Run Logan Run

Tamsin advised me whilst I was writing my Arts Council Covid 19 Emergency Relief Fund application and also an Arts Council Project Grant Application. In both cases she was extremely helpful and offered lots of suggestions for things to consider. I’m pleased to say I was awarded both grants! I attended many Jazz South educational events which Tamsin set up and ran, and always found them very well organised and full of useful information for musicians.

I was also lucky enough to receive a Radar Commission from Jazz South, which Tamsin was project managing. This was a fantastic opportunity to write new music during the pandemic and the process was very smooth due to her great organisational skills. I would definitely recommend working with her!


Roella Oloro, composer and multi-instrumentalist

Tamsin has been a wonderful mentor to me throughout the duration of my time working with her on the Jazz South Breakthrough Commissions scheme. She has quality event and programme co-ordination skills, these also translated very well in her excellent navigation of the virtual sphere and ever changing scenarios that Covid-19 brought us. I really appreciate the passion and patience she showed me as she encouraged me to continue striving for excellence even through my difficult personal life situations. I feel very fortunate to be a graduate of one of her programmes. The work she has done for Jazz in the south region is incredibly important!


Sara Colman, singer, songwriter and composer

Being a Platform South artist with Jazz South has been a really important part of my career and it was really great to have support from Tamsin. As well as being a really empathic and thoughtful person Tamsin has an in-depth knowledge of music and the environment we work in, along with the practical skills for funding, artistic planning, strategy and helping artists develop. As soon as the pandemic hit Tamsin organised online Zoom support sessions to check in with how we were coping and at a time where we all felt powerless, there were really helpful sessions with industry professionals, offering us a sense of the future and impetus to look forwards.

When I struggled to feel like a musician again and to get a commission finished, Tamsin was patient, encouraging, accommodating and supportive - perfect!


Rebecca Nash, pianist, composer, arranger, educator and collaborator

'Tamsin has played a key role for me at crucial moments, firstly by guiding me through appropriate funding streams at the start of the pandemic, as well as contributing hugely to the launch of a new musical project with Nick Walters during her time at Jazz South.

I cannot recommend her highly enough as a mentor - her vast experience means that she is able to play a supportive role in all aspects of the music industry. Thanks Tamsin!'

Rebecca Nash, pianist composer, arranger, educators and collaborator


Tim Hand, Production Manager

Tamsin was wonderful to work with recording and filming Jazz South Radar and Breakthrough Commissions, it's so nice to work alongside someone who has such a passion for the music and, above all, someone who has great care and empathy for the artists she works with.

Tim Hand, Tim Hand Productions